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World Bank Notes: "U" Countries

Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, and Uzbekistan

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Rev. 9-14-14

Stock No. Ref. Description Grade Price
W5497 P-9c 100 shillings, nd (1973); green; f: Idi Amin; b: animals by lake Unc $9.00
W9145 P-43b 1,000 shillings, 2009, green, brown; f: farmer; b: grain storage building Unc $3.00
W9146 P-49 1,000 shillings, 2010, brown; f: miscellaneous designs; b: kudus Unc $3.50
W9147 P-50 2,000 shillings, 2010, blue; f: building, river scene; b: fish Unc $6.00
W9792 P-23 500 hyrven, 1918; brown; f: Ceres; b: arms XF $50.00
W1206 P-81 1 karbovanets, 1991; brown; f-statue; b-cathedral Unc $0.40
W5748 P-93b 5,000 karbovantsi, 1995; red, pale blue; f-Vikings on ship; b-cathedral Unc $3.00
W7099 P-116 1 hryvnia, 2004; blue, yellow; f: man; b: walled city Unc $1.00
W7747 P-117a 2 hryvnen, 2004; coral; f: king; b: cathedral Unc $2.00
W9361 P-117b 2 hryvnen, 2005; coral; f: king; b: cathedral Unc $2.00
United Arab Emirates
Sorry, none available at this time.
W6008 P-35b 1 peso, L. 1939; brown; f: J. G. Artigas; b: sailing ships XF $2.75
W4768 P-47a 100 pesos, nd (1967); red; f: J. G. Artigas; b: independence meeting Unc $1.75
W6201 P-52 1,000 pesos, nd (1974); violet; f: J. G. Artigas; b: large building Unc $3.50
W7493 P-73 1 sum, 1994; green, multi; f: ornate designs, arms; b: building Unc $2.00
W9607 P-75 5 sum, 1994; multi; f: ornate designs, arms; b: monument; ZZ replacement Unc $3.00
W5750 P-78 50 sum, 1994; brown, multi; f-ornate designs, arms; b-mosque Unc $2.50

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