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World Bank Notes: "T" Countries

Tahiti, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tatarstan, Thailand, Timor, Tonga, Transnistria,
Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, and Turkmenistan

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Rev. 1-20-14

Stock No. Ref. Description Grade Price
Sorry, none available at this time.
W8386 P-6a 100 rubles, 1994; brown; f: legends; b: Parliament building Unc $4.00
W4918 P-10 1 diram, 1999 (2000); brown; f: theater; b: Pamir mountains Unc $1.00
W9372 P-11 5 diram, 1999 (2000); blue; f: culture palace; b: shrine Unc $1.25
W5885 P-12 20 diram, 1999 (2000); green; f: Parliament interior; b: mountain road Unc $1.00
W9373 P-13 50 diram, 1999 (2000); purple; f: statue of Ismoilir Somoni; b: mountain road Unc $3.50
W9241 P-new 500 shilingi, nd (2010); green; f: Abeid A. Karume; b: modern building Unc $1.50
W9242 P-new 1,000 shilingi, nd (2010); blue; f: Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere; b: building Unc $3.00
W9211 P-new 5,000 shilingi, nd (2010); purple; f: rhino; b: mining equipment Unc $12.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
W9359 P-20 100 rublei, 1993 (1994); multi; f: equestrian statue; b: Parliament building Unc $2.00
W4329 P-29 10,000 rublei, 1994 (1998); green; f: V. Suvorov; b: Parliament building Unc $1.00
Trinidad & Tobago
W9511 P-41d 1 dollar, 2002; red; f: arms; b: Central Bank building Unc $1.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
W5701 P-185 5 lira, L. 1970; multi; f-President Ataturk; b-waterfalls Unc $2.00
W5702 P-186 10 lira, L. 1970; green, multi; f-President Ataturk; b-buildings Unc $4.00
W9355 P-187b 20 lira, L. 1970; brown, multi; f: President Ataturk; b: mausoleum Unc $1.50
W3205 P-198 5,000 lira, L. 1970; brown, multi; f: Ataturk; b: thermal power plant Unc $3.50
W4614 P-204 50,000 lira, L. 1970 (1995); green, multi; f- President Ataturk; b-national Parliament house Unc $2.50
W9356 P-206 100,000 lira, L. 1970 (1997); brown; f: President Ataturk; b: Ataturk with children Unc $4.00
W9358 P-212 500,000 lira, L. 1970 (1998); purple; f: President Ataturk; b: aerial view of monument Unc $4.50
W9056 P-15 10,000 manat, 2003; green; f: President Niazov; b: monument Unc $12.00
W8533 P-17 50 manat, 2005; purple; f: President Niazov; b: horse Unc $1.25
W6895 P-18 100 manat, 2005; rose; f: President Niazov; b: building Unc $1.75
W6732 P-19 500 manat, 2005; brown; f: President Niazov; b: decorative devices Unc $3.00
W6733 P-20 1,000 manat, 2005; green; f: President Naizov; b: mosque Unc $3.50
W9515 P-21 5,000 manat, 2005; blue; f: President Niazov; b: mosque Unc $10.00

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