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World Bank Notes: "M" Countries

Macao, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaya & British Borneo, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, and Myanmar

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Rev. 9-14-14

Stock No. Ref. Description Grade Price
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
W6243 P-86 100 ariary, 2004; blue; f: plants, rock formations; b: mountains Unc $1.50
W6244 P-87 200 ariary, 2004; green; f-old mill building; b-native sign posts Unc $2.00
W6515 P-88 500 ariary, 2004; brown; f: workers weaving baskets; b: cattle Unc $4.00
W6293 P-89 1,000 ariary, 2004; purple; f: lemur on branch; b: various plants Unc $4.75
W8900 P-91 5,000 ariary, 2004; blue; f: boats; b: lake shore Unc $12.50
W8901 P-92 10,000 ariary, 2004; multi; f: large house; b: heavy road equipment Unc $24.00
W3940 P-36 5 kwacha, 1.7.1997; green; f: J. Chilembwe; b: villagers crushing grain AU/ Unc $1.25
W6802 P-44c 20 kwacha, 1.6.2004; purple; f: J. Chilembwe; b: crop pickers Unc $2.50
W6456 P-47b 200 kwacha, 1.10.2003; multi; f-J. Chilembwe; b-bank building Unc $15.00
W9744 P-new 50 kwacha, 1.1.2012; blue; f: fish, Inkos Ya Gomani II; b: elephants, jeep Unc $1.50
W9745 P-new 100 kwacha, 1.1.2012; red; f: fish, James Frederick Sangala; b: medical college Unc $2.50
W9746 P-new 200 kwacha, 1.1.2012; dark blue; f: fish, Rose Chibambo; b: parliament building Unc $4.50
W9342 P-M7c 10 dollars, nd (1942-44); blue-green; f: trees, fruit; b: ship on horizon Unc $1.00
Malaya & British Borneo
Sorry, none available at this time.
W9033 P-1 1 ringgit, nd (1967-72); blue; f: A. Rahman; b: arms Unc $24.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
W4864 P-59g 1 peso, 25.1.1961; black, multi; f-Aztec calendar; b-Independence Monument Unc $2.00
W4821 P-65b 50 pesos, 8.7.1976; blue, multi; f-government palace, B. Juarez; b-Aztec figure Unc $2.00
W1518 P-73 50 pesos, 27.1.1981; blue; f: B. Juarez; b: temple, Aztec figure; series KX Unc $1.25
W0719 P-85 1,000 pesos, 19.7.1985; brown; f: Juana de Asbaje; b: cathedral Unc $3.00
W7979 P-116d 20 pesos, 23.5.2003; blue; f: J. Juarez; b: monument; series W Unc $5.00
W9336 P-S527a 50 centavos, 8.2.1915; blue; f: legends; b: legends with blue seal Ch AU $15.00
W9335 P-S530e 1 peso, 10.20.15; blue; f: Madero, Gov. Gonzalez; b: capitol building Ch AU $10.00
W7266 P-S881 1 peso, 1.3.1915; blue; f: monument; b: building AU+ $6.75
W8979 P-8 1 leu, 1994; brown, multi; f: King Stefan; b: monastery Unc $2.00
W5237 P-8 1 leu, 1999; brown, multi; f-King Stefan; b-monastery Unc $2.00
W9164 P-10 10 leu, 2006; red-brown; f: King Stefan; b: monastery Unc $4.50
W Set O P-49, 50, 51 10, 20, 50 mongo, nd (1993); set of 3 notes; f-various athletes; b-various athletes Unc $1.75
W5020 P-57 100 tugrik, nd (1993); purple, brown; f-Sukhe-Bataar, circular arms; b-horses Unc $2.00
W9339 P-63a 10 dirhams, ca. 1991; violet; f: King Hassan II; b: musical instrument, pillar Unc $6.00
W8166 P-116 50 escudos, 27.10.1970; multi; f-J. de Azevedo Coutinho; b-arms Unc $1.00
W1193 P-117 100 escudos, 27.3.1961; green; f: A. de Omelas; b: arms Unc $1.00
W4331 P-118 500 escudos, 22.3.1967; purple; f-C. Xavier; b-arms Unc $2.75
W3945 P-119 1,000 escudos, 23.5.1972; green, multi; f: G. Coutinho; b: Cabral in airplane Unc $3.00
W7989 P-128 1,000 meticais, 16.6.1980; red; f: S. Machel; b: mining and harvesting scene Unc $6.00
W4878 P-129 50 meticais, 16.6.1986; brown, multi; f: soldiers; b: soldiers in training Unc $1.50
W7894 P-130 100 meticais, 16.6.1983; green; f: soldiers, E. Mondlane; b: public ceremony Unc $2.00
W6409 P-132c 1,000 meticais, 16.6.1989; red; f: S. Machel; b: mining and harvesting scenes Unc $3.00
W7265 P-new 20 meticais, 16.6.2006; purple; f: S. Machel; b: rhino Unc $3.00
Muscat and Oman
Sorry, none available at this time.
W2375 P-68 50 pyas, nd (1994); brown, multi; f-musical string instrument; b-legends Unc $0.50
W4163 P-69 1 kyat, nd (1996); blue, multi; f-Chinze; b-boat racing scene Unc $0.50
W4613 P-70b 5 kyat, nd (1996); brown, multi; f-Chinze; b-dancing group Unc $0.50
W5563 P-71b 10 kyat, nd (1996); purple, multi; f: Chinze; b-elaborate barge Unc $0.75
W9516 P-75d 200 kyats, nd (1998); blue, multi; f: Chinze; b: elephant working Unc $5.00

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