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World Bank Notes: "L" Countries

Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, and Luxembourg

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Rev. 9-14-14

Stock No. Ref. Description Grade Price
W8882 P-11b 20 kip, nd (1963); brown; f: King Savang Vatthana; b: temple Unc $1.50
W8883 P-19 5,000 kip, nd (1975); blue; f: King Savang Vatthana; b: musicians Unc $9.00
W4179 P-19Aa 1 kip, nd; green, multi; f-threshing grain; b-medical workers AU $5.00
W7872 P-20a 10 kips, nd; red; f: medical examination scene; b: soldiers Unc $2.00
W Set P P-26, 27, 28, 29 set of 4 notes; 5, 10, 20, 50 kip, nd (1979); brown, green, multi; f & b: various designs Unc $2.50
W5738 P-30 100 kips, nd (1979); green; f-harvesting grain; b-bridge, soldiers Unc $1.00
W5876 P-32e? 1,000 kip, 1998 (unlisted date); green, multi; f-three women, temple; b-cattle AU $20.00
W8534 P-33b 2,000 kip, 2003; multi; f: Kaysone Phomvihane; b: hydroelectric plant Unc $2.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
W6014 P-61b 1 livre, 1974; brown; f-ancient columns; b-Jeita Cavern Unc $5.00
W6064 P-62c 5 livres, 1978; green; f-building; b-bridge over Kalb Unc $3.00
W1748 P-67e 250 livres, 1988; green; f: ruins; b: ruins AU $3.00
W9610 P-68 500 livres, 1988; brown, green, multi; f: city view; b: ruins Unc $3.50
W8930 P-10 5 maloti, 1989; blue, multi; f: King Moshoeshoe II; b: waterfalls Unc $7.00
W8974 P-21e 1 dollar, nd (1966-92); red; f: waterfall; b: harvest scene Unc $1.50
W8976 P-26c 5 dollars, 2006; red; f: Edward J. Roye; b: harvest scene Unc $1.50
W8896 P-27b 10 dollars, 2006; blue; f: Joseph Roberts; b: worker tapping rubber tree Unc $3.50
W8997 P-28d 20 dollars, 2008; brown; f: William Tubman; b: market scene Unc $5.00
W6892 P-63 0.50 dinars, nd (2002); multi; f: oil refinery; b: irrigation system Unc $3.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
W2113 P-46 500 talonu, 1993; brown, blue, multi; f: legends; b: wolves; great scene! Unc $2.75
Sorry, none available at this time.

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