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World Bank Notes: "A" Countries

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Armenia,
Aruba, Australia, Austria, and Azerbaijan

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Rev. 1-3-14

Stock No. Ref. Description Grade Price
W5982 P-50c 100 afghanis, 1977; lilac; f-M. Daud; b-mosque Unc $8.00
W5975 P-57b 50 afghanis, 1991; green; f-arms; b-building Unc $1.00
W3418 P-58a 100 afghanis, 1979; violet, multi; f: farm worker; b: hydroelectric dam AU $0.75
W5976 P-58b 100 afghanis, 1990; violet, multi; f-farm worker; b-hydroelectric dam Unc $1.75
W5978 P-60a 500 afghanis, 1979; multi; f-horseman; b-fortress at Kabul Unc $2.50
W2869 P-60b 500 afghanis, 1990; multi; f: horseman; b: fortress at Kabul Unc $1.50
W5980 P-61b 1,000 afghanis, 1990; multi; f-mosque; b-shrine, archway Unc $2.50
W4605 P-62 5,000 afghanis, 1993; multi; f: mosque with minarets; b: mosque Unc $2.25
W2947 P-63 10,000 afghanis, 1993; blue, multi; f: gateway with minarets; b: gateway Unc $2.50
W5140 P-64 1 afghani, 2002; red; f-mosque; b-legends and bank seal Unc $0.50
W5223 P-65 2 afghani, 2002; blue; f-archway; b-legends, bank seal Unc $0.75
W5201 P-66 5 afghani, 2002; brown; f-fortress; b-legends, bank seal Unc $1.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
Sorry, none available at this time.
W3551 P-294 5 pesos, nd (1974-76); blue; f-Gen. Belgrano; b-monument Unc $1.00
W4511 P-295 10 pesos, nd (1973-76); violet; f-General Belgrano; b-waterfall Unc $2.00
W4512 P-302a 100 pesos, nd (1976-78); red; f-San Martin; b-coastline with boats Unc $2.00
W1064 P-303c 500 pesos, nd (1977-82); green; f: San Martin; b: army monument Unc $0.75
W6552 P-318 5,000 pesos argentinos, nd (1984-85); red-brown; f: J. B. Alberdi; b: Constitutional meeting Unc $9.00
W1428 P-S2711b 1 austral, nd; green, multi; f: legends, Province of Tucuman; b: legends Unc $0.50
W2251 P-33 10 dram, 1993; brown, multi; f: statue; b: Mt. Ararat Unc $1.00
W4208 P-41 50 dram, 1998; multi; f: opera house; b: Mt. Ararat Unc $2.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
W6081 P-unlisted Scrip; 2 dollars, 1988; multi; f: 1988 World Expo scrip; b: globe, legends Unc $2.00
W6082 P-unlisted Scrip; 5 dollars, 1988; multi; f: 1988 World Expo scrip; b: globe, legends Unc $2.00
Sorry, none available at this time.
W5744 P-13b 250 manat, nd (1992); blue-gray, multi; f-tower; b-legends Unc $1.50
W5745 P-17b 50 manat, nd (1993); red, multi; f-tower; b-legends Unc $1.00
W5746 P-18b 100 manat, nd (1993); violet, red; f-tower; b-legends Unc $1.75
W5880 P-19b 500 manat, nd (1993); brown, multi; f-N. Gencevi; b-legends Unc $3.00
W8385 P-23 1,000 manat, 2001; blue; f: oil rigs; b: legends Unc $4.75

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